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The act of repeatedly playing flip cup with a mobile table in the middle of the street in a circular manner around one's block after being angrily rejected from a back yard by one's neighbors. May include angry neighbors who fail to recognize the significance of depositing empty cans in said neighbor's mailboxes, and hurried dashes down major highways while carrying a table containing party cups, empty cans, and a rack of beer. May lead to arrest.
Dude, i can't believe we played block cup around your block after getting kicked out of the backyard by your old grumpy neighbors. That was the shit!
by Ry-lo September 15, 2007
Phrase used to describe one who has consumed far too much liquor and is therefore reduced to a drooling, snoring, unconcious lump who may or may not end up vomiting on themselves or other people later on in the evening. May sometimes lead to boot and rally, pissing in the fridge, or other drunken acts which will undoubtedly not be remembered in the morning. See ptfo. This is the most opportune time to attempt such daring feats such as teabagging, giving a flying squirrel or other humiliating acts.
Dude, check nick out, Game over.
Woah, did nick just boot-n-rally? i thought it was game over! add another tick to the boot-n-rally tally.
by Ry-Lo September 17, 2007

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