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the act or process of bluntilizing.

Bluntilizing is when you roll up a fat blunt (preferably in a Dutch Master cigar cause they burn slowest) and then place the blunt in the slide of a bong.

Warning: This will get you extremely blazed; neophytes beware.

Side effects: demon eyes, paranoia, extreme hunger for scrum-yum, chivin, coughing, occassional vomiting.
Bluntilization is sweeping the nation.

Let's bluntilize our eyes, chi.
by Ry-Chi October 08, 2004
When one is chivin', he or she is being annoying, inconsiderate, random, worrying excessively (paranoia), or saying something dumb.

It's like saying 'chiving' but you drop the 'g'; as you would with the word chilling.
You're chivin' me.
Quit your chivin'.
What are you chivin' about?
by Ry-Chi October 08, 2004
another word for 'man' or 'dude'.

One should use this word especially when someone is acting foolish.

Background: short for child.
What's up chi?

You're chivin me, chi.

Let's bluntilize our eyes chi.
by Ry-Chi October 08, 2004
Food, yum, a delicious taste that fills the mouth (especially after smoking a blunt.)

Please Note: One is permitted to add any rhyming word or made up word succeeding 'scrum' to add emphasis.
This is some damn good scrum man.
I want to get some scrum-dum.
Let's go to Burger Scrum (Burger King).
by Ry-Chi October 08, 2004
delicious food, scrum

Please Note: This word is very versatile and is meant to be used in such a manner.
I want some yum.
Let's go to Tristan's and eat some yum.
BLV makes the best scrum-yum in the whole forest.
by Ry-Chi October 08, 2004

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