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Appeared in a 70's issue of National Lampoon describing a sex act involving a train situation - synonymous with "airtight" - one weenie in each of a woman's three orifices - oral, genital, and anal.
Jessica tried the French Kayak with the baseball team, but it was not as fulfilling as the Three-eyed Turtle.
by Rveil July 19, 2004
In some cultures, especially conservative religious ones, women have anal and oral sex prior to marriage, so they will still be "vagina virgins" when they are married and their husband will be the first to "go there".
Mustafa's parents had Shakira examined by a doctor to ensure she was intact before marrying their son. They didn't know that she was just a vagina virgin, as Mustafa had been busting her purple starfish for weeks already.
by Rveil July 19, 2004
Diarrhea and/or amoebic gut infection sufferred by foot soldiers serving in Europe in WWII.
Dad complained that hen he was captured by the Germans, he had the green apple dirties until he was liberated.
by Rveil July 19, 2004
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