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In prise of the BJ.... which is better than many other things....
What`s better than roses on your piano ? Tulips on your organ....
by Ruv March 19, 2005
The color you turn after finding half a worm in the fruit you're eating.
He took a bite, saw the other half of the worm in the apple and went as pale as dead... a real "caterpallor"....
by Ruv March 19, 2005
An oútage represents a disruption in service that's a bit more sophisticated and in a class of its own. Maybe a bit more French. Definitely not a simple, run-of-the-mill outage.
There is an ongoing oútage affecting our office wine supply. We only have threve bottles of wine left. Must fix soonish.
by ruv May 03, 2013
A happy roman lady-eater
How would you call a smiling roman arena fighter with pubic hair between his teeth ?
A G-LADY-eater
by Ruv March 19, 2005
Stupid and guillible...
(listens to asshole)
This guy ? Sure has hearing hearing-aids... He listens to assholes....
by Ruv March 19, 2005
To ask for the bill at a restaurant, a pub or a bar or wherever.
Could I have the "math" please ?
by Ruv April 07, 2005

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