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The period of time between when your alarm clock initially wakes you up (you turn it off instead of hitting 'snooze'), and when you actually get out of bed. After it's off and you're still lying there 'resting your eyes for a couple more minutes' you risk the chance of falling back asleep without an alarm clock to wake you up this time.
Jim: Why were you 15 minutes late today?

Bob: I woke up on time, but then I had unprotected snooze and, well, you know the rest.
by Rutherford Jones June 09, 2009
On a TI-83/89 scientific calculator, pressing the 'MATH' button and then the '9' button prompts a function that enables the user to find the answer to a type of problem called a definite integral within a few keystrokes. The alternative to this is doing it all by hand, which is very time-consuming/tedious. So, by simply using "MATH-9" you save yourself some time and a headache. This can be loosely applied to situations in life that require work, but whoever is supposed to be doing that work is lazy/uninterested so they opt out of it by finding a simple alternative.
Bob: Ugh, my girlfriend was bugging me to mow the lawn all day!

Charlie: So did you give in or what?

Bob: Nah, I just MATH-9'd that shit and paid some neighborhood kid to do it.
by Rutherford Jones June 29, 2009
The single stud piercings girls get on their nostril. Just a small stud, usually sparkly; like a sparkly booger on their nose. Typically seen on younger girls (late high school or early college age). They probably think it makes them look cool.
Bob: You see Chrissie's new booger bling?
Charlie: Yea, I hate those things.
by Rutherford Jones May 07, 2010

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