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What began as an small Italian-American community in central New Jersey grew to be one of the most liberal towns in Middlesex County. #7 Tiquan Underwood of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights attended Linwood Middle School in north Brunswick, before moving on to a HS other than NBTHS. Bordered by East Brunswick and New Brunswick (Home of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights), it contains Farrington Lake, a PathMark, ShopRite, and an A&P. Though it is small and sometimes unnoticeable, it still is important...Right?
--There has been no signifigant events as to put North Brunswick 'on the map.'
by Rutgersfan November 04, 2007
Named after the Ancient Greek Goddess, Athena Nike, the major footwear and athletic apparel company is one of the best available. They are also the sponsor of most College (NCAA) Football/Basketball Teams.
Person One: Woah, nice shoes!
Person Two: Yeah, they're my NIKE's
by Rutgersfan November 04, 2007
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