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6 definitions by Rusty Was Here

Something cool supervillains who wear sunglasses and have David Bowie accents strive to achieve. May or may not be said with long pauses between each word, followed by a deep breath. Typically foiled by those pricks from the BSAA.
Uruboros will be released into the atmosphere, ensuring complete global saturation.

*Deep breath*
by Rusty Was Here May 02, 2009
Phrase. The first words that usually exit my mouth whenever I discover Urban Dictionary editors chose not to publish my submission. Also applicable when directed to your crappy football team, kids who won't let you into their secret club, and your television when you're drunk and Erin Esurance won't make out with Keira Knightley.
Urban Dictionary editors chose NOT to publish your submission which you worked very hard on. Instead, they have killed all your friends and burned down a pet cemetary. Ha-ha.
by Rusty Was Here January 24, 2007
The greatest cat of all-time. Toonces, the cat who could drive a car (just not very well), premiered on Saturday Night Live on May 20th, 1989, and was a series semi-regular up until 1993. Known for his appalling driving record, Toonces, in a written document, claims his abominable driving skills are due to a brain injury sustained while working as a stunt man on the Dukes of Hazzard. Accidents include driving cars, trucks, tractors, etcetera off God knows how many cliffs, veering off the Grand Canyon, some catastrophic event involving a mechanical bull, crashing a UFO into the Washington Monument, and who knows what else. Likely in NASCAR today, probably having caused ten times the original season record number of crashes in one race by now.
"See, I told you he could drive!"
"Wow, this is-- TOONCES, LOOK OUT!! AHHHHHHHH!!!"
*Stock footage of a car going over a cliff and crashing violently.*
"I thought you said he could drive."
"Well, I saw him up there fooling around with the steering wheel... I guess I just ASSUMED he could drive."
by Rusty Was Here April 25, 2005
A PC first-person shooter that is essentially a law enforcement simulation. Players are in charge of a SWAT team that takes on numerous scenarios including hostage rescue, barricaded suspects, etcetera. Mission outline revolves around initially making a stealth entry, later going for dynamic entry when a suspect or hostage is discovered.

A SWAT team's goal is to save lives, not take them. Therefore, the player receives more commendation for forcing suspects to surrender, and at the end of every mission, a point total is tallied up to distinguish how well the player did in pursuing the objective. Even if the player completes the mission, if a life is taken during the ordeal, the SWAT team cannot call such an outcome a victory, so points are taken away for such instances. Points are also given for proper police conduct; for instance, when a suspect has been arrested or killed, or a hostage has been restrained, it is the player's duty to report it to the command post. The player should also be certain to confiscate the suspects' weapons upon neutralization. Depending on the difficulty chosen, the point tally will decide if the player ultimately completed or failed the mission and whether or not it must be played again. During gameplay, the mission will automatically end if a hostage is killed.

The game features a relatively active online multiplayer community, allowing for SWAT vs. Suspects gameplay in various situations, despite a large number of players in open matches suffering from Counter-Strikitus -- Usually the gamers who play Suspects primarily. A significant degree of teamwork is typically generated from the two teams, but the player should not expect to be immune from the usual brainless calls of "camper" or "cheater" if they happen to actually know how to utilize skill, strategies and cover instead of racing all over the place and around corners blindly like a stupid retard who thinks he's being chased by a homicidal monkey. However, the game also has a number of clans devoted to it, and such behavior is likely nil during clan matches.

An expansion pack named the Stetchkov Syndicate has been released, featuring primarily seven extra missions and new weapons.
"I tried playing SWAT 4 online yesterday. Turns out the Counter-Strike virus is spreading to other games, now. Figures."
by Rusty Was Here May 03, 2006
An English aerial ace of World War I, James Thomas Byford "Mac" McCudden was one of the nation's -- and war's -- most established pilots. When the war began, McCudden saw combat as an observer and gunner for the Royal Flying Corps before returning to England for flight training in 1916. He claimed fifty-seven victories in dogfights over enemy pilots (including German ace Werner Voss), a substantial number cut short only by his death at age 22 after his aircraft stalled on takeoff and crashed to the ground. By the time the war was over, McCudden was the second-leading ace of the war for England, in line behind Edward C. Mannock's sixty-one victories, and for his efforts he had been decorated with numerous awards and medals: The Croix de Guerre, the Military Medal, the Military Cross and Bar, the Distinguished Service Order and Bar, and the Victoria Cross.
"As a patrol leader he has at all times shown the utmost gallantry and skill, not only in the manner in which he has attacked and destroyed the enemy, but in the way he has, during several aerial fights, protected the newer members of his flight, thus keeping down their casualties to a minimum. This officer is considered, by the record he has made, by his fearlessness, and by the great service which he has rendered to his country, deserving of the very highest honor." - London Gazette, 2 April 1918, in regards to McCudden's Victoria Cross award
by Rusty Was Here April 18, 2005
A baseball pitch that looks like a typical fastball to you, then mindfucks you by dropping out of the strike zone as you swing, utterly humiliating you and making you look like a third-rate bushleaguer. Swinging at this pitch and missing is like getting hit in the face by a freight train--you should have seen it coming, but it's just too damn good for you.
You need an example for this? Seriously? Fine. That thar guy on the mound sure throws a mean SPLIT-FINGERED FASTBALL. Are you happy now!?
by Rusty Was Here April 15, 2009