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A large burned air bubble that sometimes forms in the crust of a pizza, rendering the slice that contains it significantly less appealing.
Customer: "I'd like a slice of cheese, please."
Sbarro employee: <Starts plating up the big bubbly piece>
Customer: "Not that one with the pizza tumor!"
by Rusty Camaro April 10, 2006
Drunken rhyming slang for a cat that you really hate! (swop the first letter of each word for sober translation)
Come home from the pub and trip over the cat, "I'm gonna kill that cucking fat!"
by Rusty Camaro August 31, 2003
White version of a golly wog , see wigger for definition.
White boy who thinks he is black.
Check out that golly wog, he thinks he's f*cking P-Diddy.
by Rusty Camaro April 15, 2005
The condition of failing to take advantage of, losing a chance for, or spending extravagantly and wastefully (i.e. squandering).
A Porsche with an automatic?!? That's damn close to squanderance!!
by Rusty Camaro April 21, 2005
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