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Famous for the wall of death.
Where a bunch of crazy motherfuckers charge eachother like in brave heart. Beautiful to watch from a distance but if your in the wall of death, chances are you'll get trampled
sally- how was the lamb of god show last night?
marry- my asshole is still bleeding
by Russian Mike September 28, 2004
a website that sells event tickets

they own an online monopoly since there is no other way of purchasing the tickets

this is why ticketmaster feel the need to charge up to a 30% fee on your total purchase.
without competition, Ticketmaster will continue ripping you off

see asshole
by Russian Mike September 28, 2004
the old lead singer of this band shit his pants from screaming too hard on stage, good times
DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN bring the sick mosh brah
by Russian Mike September 28, 2004
released the cd "the opposite of december" one of the few perfect albums out there where every song is good. epitome of good hXc.

but then the fucking sell outs changed their style/topics and even voice, released t-shirts in hot topic and started touring with pussy scremo mtv bands like thrice and tbs
oh man, when i see the lead singer of poison the well, he will get a kick square in the balls

go pick up "women and children die first" by remembering never instead, another perfect cd.
by Russian Mike September 28, 2004
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