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The 3rd movie in the Rocky Balboa movie series features a Rocky who is rich, powerful, popular, and well loved by his fans. But who doesn't care as much about winning, and therefor loses his title to Mr. T's character James "Clubber" Lang. So "A Rocky 3 Fighter" is 1 of 2 types of fighters. 1, a fighter with everything He/She has ever wanted, who ends up losing their heart and passion for the sport, and in the end loses their marquee status as a top fighter. 2, A fighter with everything, who then loses everything, but then finds themselves again and regains their marquee status.
John Doe was the best fighter I had ever seen! But once he got that money, he became A Rocky 3 Fighter and was forgotten about. His paychecks meant more to him then the fight outcome.... He became just another opponent....
by Russell Sheppard July 27, 2008
1. A rosy color that forms around the anus after a long period of anal sex. 2. A burning sensation that comes about after a person makes several bowel movements in a day. 3. A pain, accompanied with a red color, that forms around the anus after the use of cheap, gas station restroom toilet paper.
Can you see if I have a Cherry Rose? That toilet paper burned my butt hole big time!
by Russell Sheppard February 29, 2008
1. An undercover Republican masking as an Independent. 2. A term used for a person that lies through their teeth. 3. Can be used to describe a person with Hate-Monger views. 4. Someone that still defends George Bush.
(Person 1 ) That George Bush just asked for 2 Trillion dollars! That is almost as much as Japan's GDP!. (Person 2) Don't blame him, we have the money to waste. (Person 1) I thought you were an Independent? (Person 2) I am. I just think George Bush is a God among men! (Person 1) Did your drug dealer have a 2 for 1 sale on Meth??? Could you be anymore of A-Bill O'Reilly?
by Russell Sheppard February 20, 2008
1. A thin woman who has a thick body shape that is hidden underneath clothing. 2. A woman where it is impossible to see how curvy she is without seeing her in a bikini or panties.
I thought she was just some skinny chick, but she ended up having The Skinny-Girl Look. Her ass was too mega thick!
by Russell Sheppard November 01, 2007
"Prostate much?": 1. To partake in male anal delight. 2. The act of anal sex between 2 males; or a man and a woman with a dildo or strap-on. 3. To stimulate the male prostate gland.
Used in a sentence: (Partner 1) Prostate much? (Said to partner 2). (Partner 2) By what do you mean? (Partner 1) Let me greeze your hole so I can show you. (Partner 2) The pain is unbearable! (Partner 1) Shut up and let me finish. (Partner 2) I feel dirty.
by Russell Sheppard September 21, 2007
DIF Banners AKA Down-In-Front Banners: are the banners and pop ups that have taken over television programs and movies. The term comes from when a person starts shouting "Down In Front" during a movie, because someone keeps standing up and interrupting the movie. These banners started early in 2000 and have continued to this day. These types of banners and pop ups used to be very small, but they have now become so large that some of them almost cover the entire TV screen. The first notable example of DIF Banners came from the FOX reality TV show Joe millionaire. During the show, and other FOX shows, a man would be seen running from several woman wearing wedding dresses. This banner would take up the bottom-half of the screen. A more recent example of this can be seen on VH1, where giant banners are used to promote their other VH1 programs. Brooke Hogan will spin into the side-half of the screen; play with her cell phone, wave; then spin back out. These banners are not only annoying, but they interfere by covering up subtitles and other descriptions. Mike Judge pointed DIF banners out in his movie Idiocracy. The movie takes place 500 years into the future. By this time DIF Banners have become so large that when Dax Shepard is watching a show called "Ow! My Balls!", he can only watch the show in a tiny window in the middle of the TV screen. The rest of the screen on his Giant-Screen TV is used for advertisements. While this was just a joke; if the trend continues with DIF Banners; TV programs will have the sponsoring brand And/Or advertisements shown throughout the TV show. This is already happening on the History Channel, where a banner of the sponsoring company can be seen throughout the television program. These types of marketing tactics have been blamed for the phenomenon of "Advertisement Saturation." Wherein customers no longer pay any attention to a advertisement, because there is just simply way too many and the persons mind ends up tuning them out. But companies will continue to push ahead with DIF Banners until the public finally says "Enough!" and stops watching those programs altogether.
I tried watching a foreign film the other day, but gave up about 20 minutes into it. The DIF Banners kept blocking the subtitles and I had no clue what was going on. I don't understand why I need to be reminded ever 5 minutes that a new episode of something is coming on. I have a DVR; so I already know this!!!
by Russell Sheppard July 31, 2008
1. A person with little to no knowledge or experience in the ways of love, who offers advice. 2. Someone who can't keep a relationship going, but is more then willing to offer ways for others to keep theirs strong.
How can you offer me advice when you can't even stay loyal for more then a week? You are such a Sage Lover.
by Russell Sheppard November 13, 2007

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