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1. A sex act where-in 2 people use a double-headed dildo to make their anus's kiss. 2. Pushing a dildo that is in two persons anus's so deep that both of their anus's come in contact with each other. 3. Anus kissing.
You, me and a double-headed dildo going at it Anus to Anus.
by Russell Sheppard September 21, 2007
The act of taking your face and putting it between someone else's butt cheek is called a Butt Mask. This is normally followed by shaking the cheeks against your face.
I would spend a million dollars to use Olivia Munn's ass as a Butt Mask!!
by Russell Sheppard July 31, 2008
A white woman that has had extensive plastic surgery. Mainly Rhinoplasty to make the nose tiny and thin. Lip injections, to gain a Fish-Lips look. Along with having giant, white Porcelain Veneers installed over their own natural teeth.
I don't know who told women that the Porce look was attractive, but they must have seen these women through a cataract. These models look so disgusting, that I want to throw a fish hook in their mouth and cast them into the water!
by Russell Sheppard March 11, 2008
1. A White man or woman that so desperately wants to be Black, that they only date Black men and women, and speak Ebonics. Also known as a Poser.
I saw this hot ass white chick at the club last night, but she said I was too white for her. I hate Juwanna Black chicks!
by Russell Sheppard March 03, 2008
1. A mix of lubrication and fecal anal leakage that results from anal sex. 2. A messy bowel movement that comes from eating excessive amount of heavily greasy foods in a short amount of time.
Oh man, my girl kicked me out of bed after my Butt Gravy made the sheets stick to he leg! I though a Dutch Oven would be funny, but more then gas came out of my anus that night...
by Russell Sheppard February 29, 2008
1. Used to describe a woman who's face would make Paris Hilton hot.
I wish Paris Hilton was a Paris Faceless... Paris Hilton looks like that guy Gimpy from the cartoon Undergrads. If only Paris Hilton had a face like Olivia Munn; then she would be hot.
by Russell Sheppard February 14, 2008
1. Eating a woman's pussy until she can no longer produce female lubricant.
She made me stop pleasuring her after she was Eaten Clean .
by Russell Sheppard November 13, 2007

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