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n. refers to pulling down your pants to reveal your balls and ass to the world to fill time during a slow period. Before being done, you must say "Here comes the funcooker!"
After an awkward pause, Bill turned to his friend, unzipped his pants and said "Here comes the funcooker!"
by Russell Franchise March 12, 2009
1. similar to an upset, but from a inferior or unlikely person or group who upsetted a superior person or group

2. any sports-related upset or beating similar to the beating Appalachian State gave to Michigan

1. "I was about to make my move till that little brat App State'd me and got that girl's number!"

2. "The JV basketball team App State'd the Varsity team with ease!"
by Russell Franchise September 07, 2007
a female who only dates military men/women for the benefits (socially and financially) from it
When Marilyn sees an Army guy in his uniform, she turns into a big warwhore and tries to get his attention.
by Russell Franchise July 23, 2011

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