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1. A form of music where-in the person needs no instrumental skills to preform it. 2. A generic type of music where one artist just copies from another. 3. A type of music that creates generic stereotypes that cause all who dress, act, and speak like them to be viewed as criminals. A so-called art form that trend-followers, follow blindly.
Pathetic Rap Music is for those who can't play, write, sing, or dance. It's the easy way to be the same as everyone else.
by Russell Sheppard September 21, 2007
Whether a professional or amature; a Blog Brad Pitt or BBP is a person that is themselves very ugly, but chooses to point out any and all flaws in other people. An example of a BBP is Perez Hilton; who is a celebrity blogger that writes unfunny comments over celebrity photos. Perez himself is extremely ugly, but he blogs about the flaws; even minor flaws, of celebrities. He will point out the smallest of wrinkles or pockets of body fat, which just furthers the impossible standard of beauty that both men and women are forced to deal with on a daily basis. So a Blog Brad Pitt makes foolish, inconsiderate comments about someone else's looks, when they have nowhere near a Brad Pitt-Type model look. Most, if not all of these comments are made over the Internet through Blogs and Forums; where a person can bash someone else from safely behind a computer screen.
(Man 1) Holy crap man did you see those bikini photos of Mandy Moore?! (Man 2) F**K Yeah! She looked thick! But that stupid Blog Brad Pitt said she looked fat! (Man 1) Fat? what? Because she's not 82 pounds?! (Man 2) Yeah but you should have seen the blogger. The guy was 400 pounds with a total Meth Face!! He must not have a mirror.
by Russell Sheppard July 28, 2008
1. A lazy class of Wikipedia Editors that take no time to research content, but rather vandalize a Wiki article with numerous "Citations Needed" Tags. 2. People that do not contribute in any meaningful way to Wiki profiles. 3. So-Called Editors that place "Citations Needed" tags on common info that can not be sourced. 4. Vandals.
Wiki Citers are a plaque!! It would take 5 minutes to find valid sources to backup profile content. Instead they just blanket the profiles with Citations Needed tags, instead of helping Wiki's look professional.
by Russell Sheppard March 03, 2008
1. Reaching an orgasm while on a pain killer. 2. The use of a powerful pain killer to enhance the pleasure of cumming.
I had a Percogasm last night. It was okay.
by Russell Sheppard November 13, 2007
1. A person that believes the Bible is fact and that all other views are wrong. 2. A person that misinterprets a book of faith in order to cause hatred and ignorance towards homosexuals, lesbians, people of color, women, and anyone else that is different. 3. A person that denies all logic, science, and common sense in order to find comfort in faith. 4. A person that believes it is okay to hurt and kill, as long as it is preformed in the name of faith. 5. A person that comes up with stupid responses to disprove scientific facts, i.e, the Earth is 3000 years old (Even though it has been proven to be 4.5 Billion yeas old.) Humans tamed and rode dinosaurs (When this is impossible, seeing as humans have only been around for a few hundred thousand years and dinosaurs have been proven to have gone instinct millions of years ago.) A man named Noel rounded up 2 of every species and placed them in a boat to save them from a flood. (Even though there is Trillions of animal species on Earth and it would be impossible to round up 2 of each. Even if this could happen, 2 of every animal species would cause inbreeding, which would then cause all of those lifeforms to die. Not to mention there isn't enough water on Earth to cause this type of flood.) 6. A person that believes 2 humans were created by God, which then lead to all human life on Earth. (Which is impossible. This would also cause inbreeding and we would all share the same DNA code, in the way brothers and sisters do. This has been proven not to be the case.) 7. A person that would rather be ignorant to the facts, in order to feel comfortable with how they came to be. 8. A Republican.
If you don't believe in evolution, then check out a Religious Fanatic. They stopped evolving as a people a longtime ago.
by Russell Sheppard November 01, 2007
Another form of the Ebonic term "Nigga". Used when referring to great friend in the past-tense.
Yeah, he was my Niggis but he ain't no more.
by Russell Sheppard September 21, 2007
1 Giant Eye Paris Hilton is an extremely ugly celebrity; who is famous for being famous. She is known for having 1 eye that is larger then the other. This is due to plastic surgery. This can been seen to comparing photos of Paris from when she was a teen to now. Her earlier photos didn't show this deformity. In fact, Paris Hilton was actually sexy before she paid a talentless doctor to cut apart her face. although she denies having plastic surgery; ANYONE that has seen photos of her when she was young can tell the difference. Along with here disproportional eyes; she also has a razor thin nose and swollen fake looking lips. She also wears contact lenses to change her eye color. Paris really become famous after accidentally (On Purposes) releasing a porn film of her having boring sex with her boyfriend at the time Rick Salomon. The film was called "1 Night in Paris." This lead to a staged reality shows called "The Simple Life." The show also started Nicole Richie before she became a broomstick.
dispute the show being 100% staged and predesignated, the show did have 3 seasons. The Simple Life has allowed Paris to get into somewhat main-stream acting. Mainly horrible B movies like the junk National Lampoon's puts out on a constant basis. The directors and actors that have worked with Paris complain that she is completely unable to remember her lines. So mainly Paris is used as "Eye Candy." Which is odd seeing as Paris is the ugliest celebrity to ever end up in Hollywood. She is also know for trademarking the phrase "That's Hot." So even though her parents own the Hilton Hotel chain, and she on her own has millions of dollars; Paris decided she needed the royalties from anyone that uses a phrase she didn't make up in the first place. Unlike other multimillionaire, Paris rarely, if ever, gives donations to charity groups. So Paris Hilton's status as a human being is at level (ZERO); meaning she contributes nothing to aid the world.
When I meet God I'm going to ask 1. Why is 1 Giant Eye Paris Hilton so ugly? And 2. If it was all a joke, then why make her so dumb? Don't you want her to understand the fact that you made her so ugly as a joke? I mean I get the joke and I think it's hilarious! But I think Paris Hilton is the type of person who would forget out to breath if her brain didn't do it automatically. Maybe that is part of the joke? Even funnier!
by Russell Sheppard August 10, 2008
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