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Between The Eyes Music is any song that is played to the point where it has lost all of it's original meaning. The term comes from the method of killing ones self by shooting themselves between the eyes. Which makes for a quick, painless death. These songs are popular; at least at first, but over time due to them being overplayed and overused; they end up annoying the listener. Some example of these types of songs are Daniel Powter's "Bad Day", which was played over and over again on American Idol. Mariah Carey's "Hero", which is played on practically any reality show were the directer wants to have a Compassionate moment. Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On", which was used on the Titanic movie soundtrack and was overplayed almost constantly on the radio.
Man! If I hear that F**ING Mariah Carey song Hero one more time I'm going to be forced to kill myself! I wonder if she realizes that by allowing anyone and everyone to use that stupid song; that she made the song into Between The Eyes Music? What ever message that song had has long since died...
by Russell Sheppard August 10, 2008
The Task Manager Lag comes about when the user is trying to shut a program down in one of the versions of Microsoft Windows. The Task Manager, which can be accessed by moving the Mouse-Pointer to the Taskbar at the Bottom of the screen; then using the Right-Click Button on the Mouse; which then lets you can choose the (Task Manager). In "ALL" of the versions of Microsoft Windows the Task Manager has always had a very long lag time between the point where you choose to Shut the Program down; to where the program actually closes down. This Lag-Time is something Microsoft just seems unable, or unwilling to correct.
Real Player is such junk! And every time I go to shut it down, the Task Manager Lag can be easily a minute! In over 15 years Microsoft still hasn't been able to fix this giant problem!
by Russell Sheppard August 04, 2008
Wet & Stink refers to the aftermath of very intense sex. Body fluids, condoms, ect all create a unique smell.
Man, the city is going to be forced to condemn this apartment building! Even fire wouldn't get ride of this type of Wet & Stink!
by Russell Sheppard August 01, 2008
A "Wiki Supposea" is what all Wikipedia formats end up as. A Wikipedia is "Suppose" to be an online web site where users can Add & Edit content profiles. Profiles related to Countries, States, Devices, Music, Movies, Persons; basically anything that needs some kind of record and description. The Term "Wiki Supposea" comes from the fact that the Wikipedia format is flawed. The problem with this type of system is that there is a small-group of persons that take it as their own personal responsibility to monitor all Edits made to the various profiles. This causes 90% of all Edits and Add-On's to be deleted by these users. These types of users are called "Wiki Demi's". A Demigod is a creature that is almost a God. So Wiki Demi's refused to allow any new, outside content edits. So unless the content is written by another Wiki Demi; it is DELETED. This prevents any new true Unbias info from being posted on the site. Since every single profile already has a small group of Wiki Demi Editors, there is no room for anyone else to help contribute to the site. And since the purpose of a Wiki is to allow ((ALL)) people to contribute with their own knowledge of the subject, Wikipedia will always remain a Wiki Supposea; and will end up containing Bias and Inaccurate information.
Well, I tried to help out again on the Wiki Supposea and my info was deleted as always. It doesn't matter that I went to school for the topic and understand it's inner working completely. So I guess because I'm just a basic editor who has a life outside of the Internet, and doesn't have 24/7 to sit around bulling other editors; I will never be allowed to contribute to Wikipedia! I thought the idea was for everyone who knows something about the topic to help out. But it just ends up being that the 10% MINORITY rules Wikipedia!
by Russell Sheppard August 25, 2008
"Just A Slit" refers to the occurrence of when you end up seeing an extremely hot woman naked and her vagina has no detail what-so-ever. It just looks like an open wound; a slit. This phrase is (ONLY) used with a model caliber woman, because the expectation of her entire body is very high. It would be just like a woman seeing a model caliber man with a tiny, ugly penis. It is most commonly used when referring to a model-type woman who is very conceded. A typical person pretty much always wants someone who is conceded to have a flaw that they can't do anything about. The Karma-Factor.
(Man 1) SH*T man, I got lucky enough to spend a night with this hot ass chick I met at the club last night. She pealed off her cloths like wrapping paper. Nice breasts, nice ass, nice legs; but then her pussy was Just A Slit... I still F***ED her of course! But man I was expecting a more beautiful pussy from a model like that... (Man 2) Are you going to call her? (Man 1) F**K no! She was conceded as H@LL!!! You know conceded chicks are worth the trouble for dating.
by Russell Sheppard July 29, 2008
1. A male Hollywood actor. 2. Used to describe a man or woman that has ravaged their looks from excessive smoking of cigarettes And/Or Meth.
My sister set me up on a blind date, but this chick was a Nick Nolte. She was younger then me but her face was nasty!
by Russell Sheppard February 14, 2008
A term that can be used to generalize a group of people, I.E. a Religious Fanatic. An Ignorant person is anyone that views the world through a tiny, close mind. Can also be applied to these set mind-types or a persons social status--- 1. A term used to describe a Republican. 2. A term used to describe a Raciest. 53. A term used to describe a Bigot. 4. A term used to describe a Homophobic male or female. 5. A term used to describe a Redneck. 6. A term used to describe a Gang Member. 7. A term used to describe a Creationist. 8. A term used to describe a Criminal. (((Stupid is not considered Ignorant. Ignorant being defiant of understanding, showing compassion, or learning. Stupid meaning just not yet understanding.)))
Republican's just seem Ignorant to me. They hate, they kill, they show little compassion for anyone born different. A group that only seems to care about White-Christian-Straight-Males. It is just sad that in to 21st century, there is still people with the Ignorant vies of the 1950's. I guess hate never dies, it just finds a new enemy.
by Russell Sheppard March 03, 2008

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