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114 definitions by Russell Sheppard

1. A person that chooses to hunt for no other reason but to kill. 2. Someone that claims to be religious but kills without remorse. 3. A so-called "Outdoors Men" that doesn't find pleasure in just enjoying being outdoors; but rather kills animals for sport. 4. A murderer that kills humans for pleasure. 5. A Psychopath.
Needless Killers are just too common where I live. I once saw a man shoot a deer and then left it to rot in the street. He didn't eat it or anything. I found it odd that he had a "What would Jesus do?" bumper sticker on his truck.
by Russell Sheppard February 29, 2008
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1. An athlete that can reach an orgasm during an intensive workout. 2. A Non-Sexual derived orgasm.
I hate being a Set-Cummer! It makes such a mess.
by Russell Sheppard November 13, 2007
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1. An excuse by a woman to get out of sex by claiming to be on her period.
No baby, I can't fool around tonight; I have been RedTagged. Maybe next week.
by Russell Sheppard November 13, 2007
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1. A once great social networking site. 2. A site ruled by hackers, spammers, and scammers. 3. A web site that grew too fast to give a **** about it's users.
My, Myspace account was hacked again today... That is the 5th time this week!
by Russell Sheppard November 13, 2007
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1. The use of force to repair an object. 2 Kicking, punching, a mechanical item to make it work again.
Why would I need a mechanic to fix my car? I just used Thump Mechanics and kicked that bitch until it worked again!
by Russell Sheppard November 11, 2007
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1. Where-in a man masturbates so much in a short period of time, that he receives pain instead of an orgasm. 2. Like an automobile gas tank, he no longer has any liquid in the tank.
I was so longly once that I masturbated 10 times in a single night. My Ball Fumes hurt like a mother F***er!
by Russell Sheppard September 21, 2007
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1. A sex act where-in 2 people use a double-headed dildo to make their anus's kiss. 2. Pushing a dildo that is in two persons anus's so deep that both of their anus's come in contact with each other. 3. Anus kissing.
You, me and a double-headed dildo going at it Anus to Anus.
by Russell Sheppard September 21, 2007
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