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N. When two married people cancel the contract they made to live together.

In the United States and Canada since the feminist movement, women who are often mothers decide that they should have the right to have an affair on their spouse with old High School friends. After they do this the mom sleeps in the guest room for a few months while she looks for a new house, and she tell the kids that they just don't love each other enough to live in the same house even though its because the woman has hardcore liberal anti christ values. Once the wife decides to move out, she makes the husbund pay for half of the house, the cottage that he owned before they got married, she takes all of the good furniture even though the husbund is of perfect character and did nothing to deserve this shit. Sometimes she even sells the husbunds 1972 Corvette Stingray. When the kids get older, they find out about the affair and the mom just acts like its a becautiful thing even though the other guy is still married but who cares because its the 1990's and we gotta think outside the box. Eventually the male son decides that if he is raised by his mom, he will turn out gay so he moves in with his dad because you respect his values and he has more dignity. You can still love your mother for her good qualities but you will not be as close to her and the only person to blame is the one who walked out on the family.
I'm an embarasement to my class because my mom had an affair.

If you want to be rich, fuck the blue chip sector. Take Womans studies at UBC then find a noble man and divorce him.

Divorce is bull shit and women should cower in shame when they fuck up otherwise solid families.
by Russ Sanderson April 12, 2006

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