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pookeepsie poo-keep-see v.t. a word used to describe the willful act of self constipation, usually due to time constraints or unsanitary environments.
"Oh gosh, guess I need to pull a pookeepsie, I'm so late for work."
#poo #poop #keep #keepsake #retain
by Russ Putnam (WiiTodd) December 25, 2008
ballance ball-ance n. a word used to identify the symmetry or lack thereof, when describing testicles.
"I have poor ballance, my left hangs lower than my right."

"You have great ballance, they are so even."
#balls #balance #appearance #sack #testicles #level #unlevel
by Russ Putnam (WiiTodd) December 25, 2008
Bordify bord-a-fy v. Word combo of Border and fortify. To strengthen one's borders via walls, armies, guns, etc. Commonly utilized along country borders,geographic areas, property lines and board games.
It is essential in the game of Risk to bordify one's borders so that when they attack they cannot break through.

I need to bordify my yard to keep the neighbors kids out.

Our country needs to bordify.
#border #borders #fortify #fortification #fortress #day laborers
by Russ Putnam (WiiTodd) February 25, 2009
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