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The act of leaving in an extreme hurry.
It's five o'clock on Friday. I'm ready to scramboogie! Or... I heard her parents arriving. Had to scramboogie!
by Russ Malcolm June 13, 2007
A fake tough guy. One who runs their mouth but is not prepared to back it up.
In the film 'Goodfellas', Tommy calls Billy a "fake tough guy" during their late night club confrontation. (Go get your fucking shinebox!) This was the genesis of my term, which I've been using since. Billy Batts was a "fuff guy".
by Russ Malcolm June 13, 2007
Post Up Material. Suited for a Post Up.(Banging, fucking, etc.)
Man, this bar is loaded with P.U.M.!
by Russ Malcolm June 13, 2007
Putting out a cigarette on someone's bridge. (The area between the anus and the genitals)
I was smoking while I was banging her. When I finished, she let me burn the bridge!
by Russ Malcolm June 13, 2007

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