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9 definitions by Rupert Gehmlich

One who seems very sexy from the behind view, but might as well be a troll from the frontal view - preferrably given pleasure from behind, be it doggystyle or any other "behind" sex positions; similar to butterface.
"I was walking up to this hot girl at the party Saturday night, but when she turned around I almost threw up -- she was definetly a behind kind if I had to screw her."
by Rupert Gehmlich July 24, 2006
1. Making one's penis disappear, most likely your own.
2. Trying to detect plastic with a metal detector.
1. "Man, that magician's ocking me! I won't know where I'm peeing now!"
2. "I've ocked all over, but all I found was metal."
by Rupert Gehmlich November 19, 2005
One who travels slowly resulting in the slowing down of others who travel with that person.
"Andrew's such a snailer, it takes us fifteen minutes to walk up the block to the local dépanneur."
by Rupert Gehmlich September 15, 2006
One who bunches turds, generally used to evoke feelings of insultation.
"The Poopsmith is a turd buncher."
by Rupert Gehmlich March 13, 2006
The act of being at one's locker.
"Oh man, yesterday before school I saw Andréa lockering."
by Rupert Gehmlich January 24, 2006
1. An abnormal looking nose, usually somewhat of a dangling "u" shape.

2. A person or animal with such a nose.
"Yes, it's got quite the nose"
by Rupert Gehmlich November 15, 2007
To pass large amounts of rank-smelling gas in a short amount of time.
"Man, that guy was rankin' it up in Math class today."
by Rupert Gehmlich April 21, 2006