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85 definitions by Running out of patience

Someone who thinks just because he is in a car, no one will notice him picking his nose. Really lame looking.
Look at that loser in the Cadillac, savoring his morsels. Look at all of the autopickers.
by running out of patience November 14, 2008
A deputy or police officer who belongs to daughter swappin'clubs. Their morals are too high to bang their own, so they trade daughters with other homies on the force.
"Why do your hands always smell like shrimp when you come back from those "take your daughter to work days"? Are you a pedocop?"
by Running out of patience January 23, 2007
When a republican comes back from a long lunch and stinks up the hallway when he drops a log in the restroom. They are so convinced they shit candy that they don't even notice. Then he wonders why his secretary doesn't want to polish his knob.
"Robert just got back from lunch. I can smell the stink wind already."
by Running out of patience March 07, 2008
When a republican takes the testicles and scrotum of another republican in his mouth. Sometimes they make gargling sounds. I think this is also known as felching. Really fascinating to watch.
Man, that Saudi Prince screamed like a woman when Bush tea bagged him.
by Running out of patience December 16, 2008
Rosie the riviter was a typical world war II wife that decided to go to work in industry while their husbands were fighting the war. They decided they liked their own paychecks and many kept working. Some decided to burn their bras and become liberated. This made their husands really mad, which is hilarious in retrospect.
Look at Sharon. She really is a rosie-the-riviter wannabee, isn't she? Let's include her in the next layoff.
by running out of patience December 12, 2007
These are mainly horrible white maggots that infest the garbage dumpsters and cans as soon as the temperature is 50 degrees in the spring. Sometimes weird black or grub worms will be mixed in. Big brothers love to traumatize their younger siblings by telling them stories of how they will eat them, before turning a wave of them toward their sibling with the garden hose. When the siblings get older, say adolescent age, they may burn and terrorize garbage worms with molotov cocktails and pipe bombs.
"Those little white worms will eat you if you let them." MOMMY! Timmy sicced a wave of garbage worms at me in the driveway!"
by Running out of patience March 08, 2008
These are the generation X and Y recent grads that are hired by clueless upper management because of their grade point average, height, and military status. More times than not they turn out to be micromanaging, arrogant, armchair employees that are afraid to roll up their sleeves and actually get involved with anything. They are more concerned about status symbols, time off, and where to eat lunch.
"Look. It's 10:30 AM. Mike should be coming in any time now. Oh, there he is. You can tell he just woke up. He pretended to be at the U doing his research this morning. Damn titty babies"
by Running out of patience February 16, 2008