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This is a type of sign language that gangs of juvenile delinquents use as a type of secret communication. Comes from all of those years of spearing things in the jungles and communicating with other spear hunters. (Wait, that requires intelligence). Anyway, it is impossible not to laugh at at, because it looks so hilarious.
"I just make up my own gang gestures when I see those crime-monkeys gesturing at me. They think I'm nuts that way."
by running out of patience March 30, 2008
These are little, under-achieving men with low self esteem that tailgate people and make loud hot rod sounds with their 8000 lb. noisemakers. They are usually wife beating drunks and have crappy jobs. The size of the truck in many instances is inversely proportional to the size of his "junk." It makes people like me laugh my ass off when they can't get their way in traffic.
"Man. Those angry truck men are really following us closely. Bruce, grab the gun."
by running out of patience December 12, 2007
When the office crowd are out having their two hour lunch, a big fat slob from shipping and receiving will take a commode shattering crap in the woman's room. It is a big no-no to take a stinky shit where the restroom is carpeted. Therefore, it is hilarious when the Human Resources Manager gags every day when she walks in there.
"I can't believe Jerome. He is going to get in trouble for fecal harrassment some day."
by Running out of patience March 07, 2008
Just another cute name for your penis.
Oh, don't be frightened. It's only Mr. Winky saying "hi" to you.
by Running Out of Patience January 28, 2007
These are usually semi-professional caucasian women that are overweight and always have stringy hair and work in administrative positions. They usually have blue eyes and put on a ton of makeup. The black man is extremely attracted to these sugar mamas, as they refer to them, because they make a lot of money in comparison to the welfare ho's they left behind. The sugar mamas themselves are equally attracted to the black man, due to some kind of unfinished business with their fathers.
It looks like Ellen has gotten to be sugar mama again. When that black temp. brought her back from lunch she was walking funny. Every time he goes back to work she keeps wiggling her crossed legs and grunting.
by Running out of patience December 31, 2008
Vicious anal factory women will do this when male co-workers make a major mistake at work.
"I can't believe it. We lose our biggest customer and all these women are hammering clitties."
by running out of patience March 12, 2008
A deputy or police officer who belongs to daughter swappin'clubs. Their morals are too high to bang their own, so they trade daughters with other homies on the force.
"Why do your hands always smell like shrimp when you come back from those "take your daughter to work days"? Are you a pedocop?"
by Running out of patience January 23, 2007

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