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85 definitions by Running out of patience

A big, fat, uneducated, societal fungi that can't keep her legs crossed when on dates. They spew out children exactly every nine months, as there is always sperm present to fertilize the eggs.
"You had unprotected sex with that sloppy mommie? HA HA get ready to pay child support, idiot.
by running out of patience December 12, 2007
This is what crime-momkeys tell their sugar mamas about wearing condoms. They can't just screw the white girls, they "has to get them pregnant", too.
"Please put this on, Tyrone. I don't want my parents pushing a cocoa puff in a stroller." "What? I ain't wearin' one!"
by running out of patience May 06, 2008
This is an athletic negro that got a full scholarship to an ivy league school not because he can read and write, but because he is seven and a half feet tall and plays basketball like a moefoe.
"I can't believe that golden monkey. He doesn't even know what keeps the sun shining, but he gets a full scholarship."
by running out of patience April 11, 2008
A complete loser that shows up around lunchtime if there are vendors nearby. The vendors want a free lunch and will take almost anyone out so they can utilize their employer's expense account. Vendor whores also go to a lot of free sporting events, and are known to take motorboats and other toys as kickbacks. These tie-wearing idiots really annoy those of us who work with the inferior products they try to push on us, so they can get their free lunches and crap.
"Here comes Don. Yep, it's lunchtime again. His Arabic saleman buddy is here to take him to lunch. What a vendor whore."
by running out of patience April 08, 2008
The act of coitus with a young hottie is sometimes referred to this way.
"That Cindy finally let me give her a jab in the whiskers. It was heavenly."
by running out of patience April 04, 2008
These guys are homophobic and are also terrified of antique shops. They are extremely concerned about being perceived as gay and they try to cover it up by standing with their arms crossed looking into space. Sometimes they whistle. If there are other homoantiqophobes in the store, they stand and talk about useless sports scores. It is fun to try to talk about antiques with them. They usually have NRA or NFL jerseys and caps on.
"Get a load of the homoantiqophobes over there. Watch this: "Hey, handsome, check out these lovely teacups and saucers." "Hey, I'm not gay. Okay?" Man, these guys must LOVE victoria's secret.
by running out of patience April 19, 2008
People who are paranoid, delusional, uneducated, and covered with oozing chemical scabs and ulcers due to the acute abuse of methamphetamine. They eventually eat scabs from one another that contain the meth that their body can't dispose of, just to catch a cheap thrill. MMMMM....MMMMMMMMM!!!
I called the DEA the other day on those tweakers down the street.
by running out of patience December 14, 2007