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The act of coitus with a young hottie is sometimes referred to this way.
"That Cindy finally let me give her a jab in the whiskers. It was heavenly."
by running out of patience April 04, 2008
This is what sexually frustrated teenagers do when trying to deal with stirrings from the opposite sex.
"I sure had a severe case of blue balls when Sandy kept beaving me at the party. I had to frusterbate at the filling station on the way home.
by running out of patience May 02, 2009
This is an attitude that hicks and rednecks have in which they cannot eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, or anything that make their digestive system clean. They think it is gay to eat anything besides greasy meat, potatoes, and gravy. Some of them have tried it, but missed the stinky trips to the restroom and the dutch ovens. Most of these meat and potatoes men keel over from a heart attack at an early age.
"I'm tired of dating a meat and potatoes man. His farts are overwhelming."
by running out of patience April 20, 2008
This is what crime-momkeys tell their sugar mamas about wearing condoms. They can't just screw the white girls, they "has to get them pregnant", too.
"Please put this on, Tyrone. I don't want my parents pushing a cocoa puff in a stroller." "What? I ain't wearin' one!"
by running out of patience May 06, 2008
These guys are homophobic and are also terrified of antique shops. They are extremely concerned about being perceived as gay and they try to cover it up by standing with their arms crossed looking into space. Sometimes they whistle. If there are other homoantiqophobes in the store, they stand and talk about useless sports scores. It is fun to try to talk about antiques with them. They usually have NRA or NFL jerseys and caps on.
"Get a load of the homoantiqophobes over there. Watch this: "Hey, handsome, check out these lovely teacups and saucers." "Hey, I'm not gay. Okay?" Man, these guys must LOVE victoria's secret.
by running out of patience April 19, 2008
A complete loser that shows up around lunchtime if there are vendors nearby. The vendors want a free lunch and will take almost anyone out so they can utilize their employer's expense account. Vendor whores also go to a lot of free sporting events, and are known to take motorboats and other toys as kickbacks. These tie-wearing idiots really annoy those of us who work with the inferior products they try to push on us, so they can get their free lunches and crap.
"Here comes Don. Yep, it's lunchtime again. His Arabic saleman buddy is here to take him to lunch. What a vendor whore."
by running out of patience April 08, 2008
These are typically 24 year old yuppie wannabees straight out of college. It takes about 18 months to get them to the point where they can actually do something constructive for the company. Once this happens, they get a stupid title with the word "worldwide director" or something, and from this point on will not put their hands on anything tangible, like a product.
"Man, that Jeremy is an egghead. We finally get him to the point where he can walk without hand-holding and he gets a position with the armchair engineers."
by running out of patience March 15, 2008

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