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Once in a while, for whatever reason, a rectreational drug dealer, even the most reliable and friendly ones, will make the deal fall through on purpose. This is to let the customer know who is the boss, and is usually passive-aggressive. It really can be disappointing and frustrating.
Boy, I really got chumped today by my rock and roll doctor. He said he had some lebanese blond in hand, and he said it fell through after I drove for two hours to get it. Oh well, at least I have this swagg.
by running out of patience February 28, 2009
To have your face pooped on by a really stupid rich idiot.
"I didn't realize I was going to get kobe'd just because Tyrone paid for the white castles. I would rather eat my chitlins."
by Running out of patience July 19, 2008
This is what desperate darkies like to do in dark neighborhoods at night. They will lurk in the darkness and jump out in front of Audi's, BMW's, Mercedes, or anything that looks expensive that a white person may own. They can then sue the white man and continue not to work.
"I saw you last night Dontaro, tryin' to get run over when you were supposed to be working your new job at White Castle."
by running out of patience March 21, 2008
A man who has difficulty achieving an erection without wearing some article of women's clothing is sometimes referred to as a "silkworm."
"My new boyfriend is rich and handsome, but he is a closet silkworm."
by running out of patience April 16, 2008
People who are paranoid, delusional, uneducated, and covered with oozing chemical scabs and ulcers due to the acute abuse of methamphetamine. They eventually eat scabs from one another that contain the meth that their body can't dispose of, just to catch a cheap thrill. MMMMM....MMMMMMMMM!!!
I called the DEA the other day on those tweakers down the street.
by running out of patience December 14, 2007
A big, fat, uneducated, societal fungi that can't keep her legs crossed when on dates. They spew out children exactly every nine months, as there is always sperm present to fertilize the eggs.
"You had unprotected sex with that sloppy mommie? HA HA get ready to pay child support, idiot.
by running out of patience December 12, 2007
These are the secret panty raids that uniformed workmen go on when you are at work. Ever notice a creamy substance all over your panties on water softener day? How about when the you left the key for the cable guy? Were your bras and panties all stretched out and sticky? Thought so.
"I just know that softener man splooged in my silks last Wednesday. Those uniformed panty raids are increasing."
by running out of patience April 08, 2008

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