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85 definitions by Running out of patience

A place where you can flirt with underage trashy trailer-park girls, or have a young senorita beav you.
"Man, the hot buxom little mexican chick showed me her cooter at Walmart. The sap is flowin' continuously.
by Running out of patience February 04, 2007
When there is an eyeball burning, paint peeling stink eminating from the factory rest rooms after lunchtime it is usually referred to as a latino strangler. It truly makes you wonder where you went wrong.
Oh fuck, another latino strangler.That damn beanerbeat me here again! I should have used the restroom at the Mobil station.
by Running out of patience December 12, 2008
This is a broad that looked cute as a bug when she snared a man into marrying her. It didn't take long for her to become an abrasive hog....just one or two kids and a few too many cheeseburgers. Now she is fat as a cow and eats bon bons all day. She will eventually divorce him for his alimony and move in with a black or maybe a mexican man.
"Man, that Jimmy married a pie wagon, didn't he? I'm glad I don't have to plank that hog. How does he get his wiener in between those mountains of flab.?
by running out of patience May 18, 2008
A black man's penis is sometimes called a "licorice stick."
My husband went insane after he saw that licorice stick in my pooper.
by Running out of patience January 20, 2008
Having your face ripped off by a sexually frustrated and jealous chimpanzee is sometimes referred to as being "chimped."
WOW! That bitch really got chimped when she copped a feel off of the primate's common law wife. She shouldn't have drank champagne with it and polished it's knob so much. Oh well, at least it didn't trash the bitch's Camry and steal any credit cards.
by running out of patience February 24, 2009
When wimpy pencil-dicked possessive mama's boy types cling to their girlfriend in public, eyes always looking around, holding hands, grabbing ass, any way to let everyone know his woman is "taken." Really a turnoff to women and makes guys like me laugh behind their backs.
Look at that dweeb over there mink guarding that chick. She is going to run from him really soon.
by running out of patience May 08, 2009
Once in a while, for whatever reason, a rectreational drug dealer, even the most reliable and friendly ones, will make the deal fall through on purpose. This is to let the customer know who is the boss, and is usually passive-aggressive. It really can be disappointing and frustrating.
Boy, I really got chumped today by my rock and roll doctor. He said he had some lebanese blond in hand, and he said it fell through after I drove for two hours to get it. Oh well, at least I have this swagg.
by running out of patience February 28, 2009