85 definitions by Running out of patience

An expression for "taking the gay road."
"Why doesn't your son come with you to the games anymore?""Well, *sob* I'm afraid he has taken the hershey highway.
by running out of patience February 16, 2008
These tend to be enormous cows with great big hineys. They start to blimp out shortly after they reach puberty. They tend to grow up on pig farms and take french showers regularly.
"What is the difference between iowa girls and a basketball? If you absolutely have to, you can eat a basketball."

"What is the difference between an iowa girl and a catfish? One has whiskers and smells like a fish. The other one IS a fish."
by running out of patience April 12, 2008
The FBA (Failed Bush Administration) is what we can attribute everything about the horrible economy to. It is a catch all that I use frequently in dealing with stingy and crookedrepublican customers. They try to jew everyone they deal with. They will try to dicker over the price of a cup of coffee.
The reason a nice motel room isn't $20 is due to the FBA. The reason your coffee isn't free is due to the FBA. The reason you cannot use my restroom is due to the FBA. The reason I have to be standing here at all is due to the FBA.
by Running Out Of Patience November 27, 2009
A teenage girl that spazzes out and goes psycho on a daily basis over the upcoming senior prom. It is hauntingly similar to a bridezilla that is also a prima donna but on a larger scale.
That damn promzilla had better shut the fuck up pretty soon about her prom dress not being perfect. Who cares, it's just going to wind up an expensive cum-bucket anyway.
by running out of patience April 18, 2010
These are arrogant yuppies that decided to become republicans so people think that they are richer than they actually are. They are usually uneducated ass kissers that are just a few paychecks away from the street. They think they are high and mighty though, and want to join the republicans.
I can't believe that fuck stick brother of mine. He used to be just like us but since he had a few lucky breaks now he thinks his shit doesn't stink and he decides to become a repuke overnight. He is a reborn repuke. Wait until his boss kicks him to the curb and his wife bangs a shaved ape.
by running out of patience June 04, 2010
When I poop in a republican's smoothie, I call it a poopsie.
That arrogant republican really enjoyed that poopsie that I prepared him. He even made that gurgling sound at the end with his straw. Hilarious! I hope he gets worms in his shit.
by Running out of patience May 20, 2010
To rape someone using a big strap-on dildo.
Did you see that hottie in the Subaru? I want her to savage me.
by Running Out of Patience January 31, 2007
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