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City of about 500,000 people(42nd biggest city in the US) with a big indie scene, great concerts, great weed, lots of STDs, one of the top five zoos in the world, home of the college world series, the place where the president hides when terrorists attack, and birthplace of Malcom X, 311, Conor Oberst, Andy Roddick, and Warren Buffet(richest man in the world 2008)

And if you still think Omaha is a cornfield with a bunch of farmers, come to Omaha and let me punch you in the face.
I love omaha. I getta smoke weed and go to concerts every day!
by RuneStormberg July 29, 2008
1) A woman who is infinitely cruel/evil to mostly men but also women and children for the purpose of making them miserable generally without reason or care.
1) Your mom is such a bitch! She doesn't let you out of the damn house!
by RuneStormberg July 10, 2008
1)A person who is constantly being put down by female catholic school teachers, feminists, bad girlfriends, and the media.
That man is such an asshole.

Men are always pretending to be better than women.

Men need to recognize women's rights!

Men are nice. (Never heard this from a woman)
by RuneStormberg July 10, 2008
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