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Hardass negro killa from straight out the YL bitch. He rolls deep with Rumble Bee, and both of them street race, street fight, and have brawls, all the mother effing time. He may be Jewish, but damn can he Own Noobs.
"The Kosher Krusher is coming, damn those Nazi bitches for pizzing him off!"
by Rumble Bee July 16, 2004
A badass through and through. He Rizides in EAST LAKE. Nikka what. Dont mess with this street fighting badass, cuz hes a badass...that street fights. He can often be found at Klan rallys with the Kosher Krusher. He likes the women and the women like him. He has more flash than gordon, more powers than austin, and more dick than tracy.
"Man, Rumble bee is a hardass, i saw that huge robot black man go up against him in a dance battle just like in you got served, and Rumble Bee owned him, noob"
"Rumble Bee is hung like a lion"
by Rumble Bee July 16, 2004

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