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kerpwn, kerpwning
v. To pwn at the greatest extent.

n. The pure, raw, unadultered essence of kerpwning; possessing the ability to kerpwn.

adj. The state after a thorough kerpwning; an exclamation used after a thorough kerpwning.

Background: With the growing popularity of the word "pwn," it's only expected that the huddled masses will create offshoots in an attempt to expand their vocabulary without actually picking up a dictionary. As "pwn" is a step up from the word "own," so too is "kerpwn" a step up from "pwn."
kerpwn: "I plan to kerpwn the competition in this tournament."

kerpwning: "Man, trying to talk to this girl is kerpwning my brain."

kerpwned: "KERPWNED!"; "John's head just kerpwned that tree."; "I just got fucking kerpwned."

kerpwnage: "That...is the most kerpwnage thing I've ever seen."
by Ruloi April 04, 2004
When something seems like a great, great thing, then it's possible that it's worthy of the phrase "rock hardcore." To rock hardcore, it must rock more than the average thing. Like, if Jesus were to walk up to me and give me five hundred bucks, that would "fuckin' rock hardcore." It can be applied to any noun, except if that noun embodies something that does not rock hardcore.

However, you can also use this term as a verb, changing the word "rock" as it needs to be changed. This phrase can replace phrases like "own," "pwn," or, "kerpwn," and it can also emphasize victory in a physical fight.
To express approval: "That idea rocks hardcore!"

To admit to the greatness of a person: "When Jesus gave me those five hundred bucks, I decided then that he rocked hardcore."

To annihilate someone (usually in a video game): "I just rocked you hardcore."

To kick the shit out of someone or something: "I just rocked his face hardcore!!"
by Ruloi April 04, 2004

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