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The still-running empire (under the name of the "Commonwealth of Nations").

Evil come back plan:

Now all our enemies know us the British empire, but now we cunningly disguised ourselves (on the advice of General Spike Mielgain), and are calling ourselves the Commonwealth of nations, soon all the former terrortories of our MIGHTY EMPIRE ON WHICH THE SUN SHALL NEVER RISE SET, shall join us unwittingy believing that they are just signing for a sports contest, and BAMMM there in the empire again! Canada has already fallen! SOON THE FREE PEOPLES OF THE WORLD SHALL FALL TO OUR ALL DISTORTING DARKNESS AND WE SHALL BUILD A DISUTOPIA OF TEA AND DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Person 1: "Fuck me the british empire owns."
Person 2: "Doesnt it just!"
#britain #england #empire #british #commenwealth
by Ruler of the british empire December 29, 2007
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