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Probably the best game released in 2004, and the best game ever released in the world! It was the sequel to Def Jam Vendetta, and had over 60 characters on the game, 43 being real people. It featured such matches as the Window Match, the Burn em' match, and the Train match. It had some of the same moves that were from Def Jam Vendetta, and also had new moves. You could use the environment, and the crowd as a key factor in any fight you had on the game. The game featured such people as Method Man, Christopher Judge as D-Mob, Redman, Ludacris, Sticky Fingaz, Memphis Bleek, Carmen Electra, Shawnna, Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes, and etc. If you don't own it now, you should really get this shit!
#pockets #house #snowman #d-mob #sticky fingaz #def jam #method man #redman #wu tang clan fat joe
by Ruin11thHour September 02, 2009
A Male Nanny. One who is a very fat, lazy man.

Also a character in Def Jam Vendetta, Def Jam Fight For NY, and Def Jam Fight For NY The Takeover. He is one of the 4 characters (that you can choose in Story Mode) friend in Def Jam Vendetta who has a broken arm, and needs help from the character until he is heeled up because he needs to give money to D-Mob, the H.N.I.C. (Head Nigga In Charge). In the end, he ends up turning his back on the character, and fighting for D-Mob. Then, after the character eneters the Def Jam tournament and then challenges D-Mob in the final fight, D-Mob was going to kill the character, BUT instead, Manny took the bullet in the gut for the character, and survived. The character forgives him after he defeats D-Mob. In the next game (Def Jam Fight For NY), in story mode, he just plays the tattoo artist. In Def Jam Fight For NY The Takeover, he describes to you your beginning, and end of street fighting. He's a pussy in Def Jam Vendetta (even though he is a good guy to use to fight with, and even use as a punching bag), BUT, he is a badass in Def Jam Fight For NY. He is played by Dion Luther in Def Jam Vendetta, and is played by Brian Hayes in Def Jam Fight For NY, and Def Jam Fight For NY The Takeover.
#def #jam #manny #pussy #badass
by Ruin11thHour September 02, 2009
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