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A nice big cock, noted for its tall highrise leading up to it's mushroom head.
Though Mark's personality and looks seemed to be lacking, widespread word of the Empire Smurf Building made his pants the center of a tourist economy.
by Ruhbee! September 07, 2006
A pack of mallrats, gang members or hoodlums. Any large group of unimpressive people.

Etymology: Googol - coined by Milton Sirotta 1938: A "1", followed by one hundred "0"s.
1. While overweight, pasty and mute, Erica aspired to be more than an extra in movies and hoped her racy clothing would gain her notice over the rest of the googol.

I like this salon because I can park my car right in front and avoid the googols that plague the mall.
by Ruhbee! January 28, 2009
The first inhabitants of America, (or any region for that matter). Aboriginal Americans are often mis-labeled "Native Americans".
By definition, any person born in America is a Native American. The Aboriginals however, AKA American Indians, were here first.

Of all the Native Americans in the U.S. the Aboriginals have been here the longest.

Indian-Gaming has been a large source of funding for the educational system of the Aboriginal American population.
by Ruhbee! August 28, 2006
A controversial and failing attempt to euphemize an identity phrase for Black Americans. Unfortunately for the phrase's potential to be literally correct, all humans came from Africa at one time, therefore all people, regardless of breed, color, ethnicity or however one may choose to categorize them, are of African descent. Another problem the more-educated population has with the phrase is that the quickest way to know which specific type of African American one is referring to is to look at their skin. This takes the subject of conversation back to black, eliminating the function of the euphemistic-intentioned phrase. Due to it's failure to positively convey the identity of the Black American without error, the phrase has evolved into a dysphemism and is often spoken between air quotes.
Correct: Aboriginal Australians are black, and many of African emmigrants are black, but African Americans range in color as far as human potential has seen.

Incorrect: Jesse Jackson is an African American but Richard Nixon is not.
by Ruhbee! April 24, 2007

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