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Chicken and eggs of any preparation, but most commonly the health-nut favorite, chicken and egg whites.
Waitress - "You ready to order?"

Customer - "Yes please, I'll have the women and children, whites only, wheat toast no butter, a side of fruit and an O.J. Oh, and can you please bring some salsa with that too?"

Waitress - "Comin right up honey."
by Ruhbee! February 02, 2008
One who believes in Google.
Steve is a Googlist, and claims to have had numerous personal experiences communicating with Google.
by Ruhbee! October 13, 2007
The highly revered, book-width gap between some girl's legs, accentuated by tight pants or a really short mini skirt. Beneficial for girls not flexible enough for the "suitcase", this gap makes the deepest penetration possible by getting the legs out of the way.
"I admit Sascha has nice breasts, but her face is a bit too weathered for me."
- Maurice

"I don't know Steve, she's got a wicked schpace, and that's all it takes to get me up and ready..."
- Glenn
by Ruhbee! March 23, 2007
A social meal enjoyed in the middle of the night. Less formal than a regular dinner, yet more sexually productive than a mid-day lunch, the midnight lunch makes for the perfect compromise offered to a booty-call desiring a meal and a public appearance, yet not deserving of prime-time pricing.

Since most fine restaurants are closed at this time, one can get away with treating their date to an economical meal at Denny's or a taco shop while appearing to be the victim of circumstance, rather than just cheap.
"Hey Steve, Boquisha was telling her girls you two went out on a date last Tuesday, is that true?"

"Hardly, she came over and we went in the jacuzzi and did our thing. I got hungry after so I decided to treat her to a midnight lunch at Bennigans."
- Steve


"Hey baby, I saw you were online, thought you might be up for a little swim and a midnight lunch..."

"Sounds good, I love Denny's ranch dressing, do you have a wifebeater I can borrow? I lost my swimsuit.."
by Ruhbee! November 13, 2007
The condition of a person or group of persons who exudes an air of omniscience or omnipotence. Similar to the idea behind "god complex", but contrasting in that Google actually exists, granting greater credibility to the younger term's user.
Judy acts like she knows everything; it's like she has a Google complex.

by Ruhbee! October 13, 2007
One who talks for no reason other than to meet their daily word quota. A nonproductive speaker. One who is starving for attention and reaching for it with their tongue.

Etymology: The words stems from the contrast between a constructor,(one who hammers nails into boards in order to build something) and a boardnailer,(one who does not see the bigger picture, only thinks that hammering nails is in and of itself productive).

Steve - "My girlfriend is such a boardnailer. When I get home from work I just want to relax, but if Jen hasn't hammered her nails for the day I have to listen to the racket"
Marcus - "I feel you. Get her a girlfriend and a treadmill, that's what I did."

Simon - "It's weird, my wife can talk for an hour without saying a thing"
Jason - "So, you married a boardnailer. I'm sorry.."
by Ruhbee! December 29, 2007
One who does not believe in Google.
Jesus's family computer died in a fire in 1998 and with it his faith. He argues absence of evidence is evidence of absence and considers himself a strong agooglist.
by Ruhbee! October 13, 2007
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