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Strong, decisive member of an underground cult that steals road signs. Most likely a male with a powerful mind, easily able to manipulate their foes. "Stuff Scientist" is a title given to those who demonstrate great ability in stuff. Before being given the title of "Stuff Scientist" one is a "Stuffinian".
"Look at that Stuff Scientist Cindy!, Hes so cute"!
"I agree".
by Rugged November 27, 2005
Big angry kid that will fight anybody and lip anybody off. Likes the weed. Almost gets thrown in Com 11/12. Comes from maritimes and cant pronounce alot of words but reads better than Omid Farabagash.
"Hahaha Koove you fuck."
by Rugged November 27, 2005
1. Slang for someone sent to prison for child molestation.

2. A fucking stupid as kid from Ladysmith B.C. Canada who walks around yelling "Skinner!!", "Heater!!", "Oh God Damn!!", "Rugged!!", or in some cases, "I smell some cunny!!". These kids say these things to try and offend people but are really making themselves look like idiots because 2 heroes made fun of them through song. These kids have no life ambition and rarely finish high school, or get a job. They are anti-social and unexcepted by society. They wear stupid dirty skateboarding clothes that dont fit and they dont wear belts. Interested in girls way younger than them.
"You fucking skinner, go get a job."
"Orvals a skinner!"
by Rugged November 27, 2005

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