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The definition of true love is....... well its in you and to be found with that someone special. youll find someone that will make you feel so great and they will do the same its the greatest. theyre there when you need em when no one else is they will say they love you even if your mad and stopping talking to them. they endure all pain to be with you. they are are part of you. true love is the greatest thing ever then rugby but the feeling you share the pointless i love you more arguements it all bring you close and thats why its in you. you cant describe it youll always find yourself tring to tell her how much she means or vice versa but you cant cause theres so much youll think of things you love everyday. thats true love.
baby your just everything and more I dont even know where to begin, I cant believe how good true love feels
by Rugbyflankeresq February 21, 2012

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