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1 definition by Rufus WainRight

A person from Pennsylvania
You know when your trying to merge on the highway and your late for the cavs game and that damn ugly prius or aztec cuts you off and its a Penn license plate! Fucking Pennies.

Your late for work at the end of your lunch break and you just want to get thru the drive thru and Wendys is out of chili. First off who gets chili at wendys. Second off you here them yell "YAH ILL WAIT". Thirsd they wait AT THE WINDOW. And guess what, its a PENNY LICENSE PLATE!!! WTFFF!!!!!!.

That out of state guy you realize is merging THROUGH your straight only lane, from the left turn only lane, becuase he realized he needs to get to the RIGHT TURN ONLY!!! And then your the asshole getting honked at by him and everyone else around. HE's the asshole (Pennie)!
by Rufus WainRight March 02, 2010
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