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1) A psychological condition in which an individual's inability to deal with the existential anxiety of knowing life can be lived more freely and fully manifests as a set of political beliefs.

2) A conscious effort to prevent progress.
1) Monday night football, Wednesday night church, Friday night sitcoms: these were the ideals that stood tall in Karl's mind as he waddled into the ballot box.

2) "Intelligent design applies to social Darwinism too." said George, as he signed another bill in the proud spirit of his father's conservatism.
by Rufus Billingsworth November 11, 2005
Someone who spends a lot of time inspecting the carpet.
Guy1: I don't mind going down on her as much. I've been doing it every night.

Guy 2: Damn dude, you're turning into a real Marc Summers.
by Rufus Billingsworth February 21, 2005

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