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by Rufus May 26, 2004
short word for working.
I'm tworkn' SHUT THE F@#K UP!!!
by Rufus May 18, 2003
Unfortunate genetic disorder or botched female circumcision in which the vagina and uteral region appear as though Crocodile Dundee went dynamite fishing in the female genitalia.
While she was doing the human pretzel, I gave the Chinese gymnist a jack nasty face with a sledge hammer, some barbed wire, and egg beaters.
by Rufus December 16, 2004
Hooking up
I booked this girl last night...
by Rufus September 13, 2003
Pertaining to the way I think. A lateral way of thinking.
You think in a straight line. I think in a way of lateralus.
by Rufus June 04, 2004
Ghetto slang for "pussy"
We fen' to cruise the hood tonight lookin for the cop.

That cop was top notch lat night.
by Rufus June 27, 2003
A mass of genetic mutation smog and marijuana smoke located south of Toronto.
pave paradise put up a parking lot. (red hill expressway)
by Rufus March 20, 2005

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