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52 definitions by Rufus Toofus

When parents fail to raise children who ultimately become happy, well-adjusted, productive adults. The causes include, but are not limited to: Using television as a substitute nanny. Shielding children from the consequences and even the concept of failure in a misguided attempt to be nice. Not requiring them to have chores or responsibilities in order to prepare them for adulthood. Not allowing them to have relationships with the opposite sex as teenagers to prepare them for serious adult relationships. Forcing them into careers for which they are not suited. Undermining the credibility of a non-custodial parent.
Kara and tens of millions of her contemporaries watch more than six hours of television per day. This is parental malpractice.
by Rufus Toofus November 24, 2010
An upscale, gourmet version of a conventional TV dinner.
Honey, it's date night! Let's nuke a couple of HDTV dinners.
by Rufus Toofus June 19, 2010
Approximately 11 million gallons of oil- the amount of oil that leaked into waters off Alaska after the tanker hit a reef in 1989. Used as a unit of measure to guage other oil-related disasters.
The current flow rate of the Deepwater Horizon spill is giving us more that one Exxon Valdez per week.
by Rufus Toofus June 13, 2010
A person who stands on the curb in front of a business establishment while wearing a ludicrous animal costume and waves to passing cars in an attempt to increase visability for said business.
Jason didn't work too hard in school. Now he's a costumed waver for Party Time!. What a drag.
by Rufus Toofus May 26, 2010
A redneck adolescent. From the movie "Deliverance", based on the novel by James Dickey. He is a blond, banjo-playing teenager who appears to be somewhat shy of the customary 46 chromosomes. He engages in a musical duel with one of the city-slicker canoe trip vacationers prior to one of their members being anally violated by someone undoubtedly related to the banjo player.
Dude, we must be lost. I think I just saw porch boy a few miles back.
by Rufus Toofus October 23, 2010
Outraged citizens. An allusion to old movies where the "citizens" of some European feudal Lord besiege the castle demanding a redress of some fundamental violation of their rights.
Anita Dunn, President Obama's Interim White House Comminications Director, publically stated that "two of my favorite political philosophers are Mao Tse Tung (a man directly responsible for the deaths of as many as seventy million Chinese people) and Mother Teresa." This should have provoked torches and pitchforks in front of the White House, but due to a lack of understanding of history created by the teachers union (a group whose campaign contributions were key to Mr. Obama's election), none was forthcoming.
by Rufus Toofus October 03, 2010
A reference to Claude Nobs, the General Manager of the Montreux Jazz Festival, in Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water". Nobs had saved a number of teenagers in the Montreux Casino fire in 1971.
Funky Claude was running in and out.
Pulling kids out the ground.
by Rufus Toofus June 21, 2010