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A country that is so long and thin that people doesn't either know or belong to east or west, just north and south. For everyday practical purposes, people call east "the mountain" and west "the ocean".
Hot American girl asks a group of Chilean guys visiting the capital, Santiago: Where do you guys live?
Chilean 1: I live in the North.
Chilean 2: I live in the South.
American Girl: No one from east or west?
Chileans 1 and 2: ?????????
by Rufino Pincharratas July 20, 2011
The nickname used by former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez to refer to the former American president George W. Bush. Chavez called Bush "Mr. Danger" whenever he was in a good mood or just tired of calling him “The Devil”. Interestingly, the dub “Mr. Danger” comes from a classic Latin American novel, “Doña Bárbara”, written by the Venezuelan author Rómulo Gallegos and first published in 1929. In the novel, Guillermo Danger, also referred to as Míster Danger, is a perfidious and symbolic character that represents the threats of imperialism to the young Venezuelan Republic. So folks, lets face it: Chavez might have done many crazy things but he did pass his literature lesson.
Chavez in 2006: “To say it to you in my bad English: You are a donkey, Mr. Danger. You are a donkey, Mr George W Bush."
by Rufino Pincharratas March 19, 2013

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