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She is a leader in her field of life. She takes on projects of all interest she is successful and thinks outside the box. People tend to believe she enjoys being in the spotlight, when in reality she'd rather get the job done and blend quietly in the background. She has deep roots and beliefs in Faith and Family. She’s an extremely faithful friend but when Betrayed struggles with forgiveness her close friends are her family. She loves to sing, she is someone you can trust who will give you more in return than you can ever imagine. She is smart and loving; people tend to flock around her. She loves her coffee, and when she says she loves you, she means it more then you will ever know. she will let her heart break quietly if you do not show her the same respect she shows you. But when crossed she will become your worst nightmare. She won’t give players the time of day and will tread carefully when playing with a man. Somehow she is never available emotionally unless she knows she really cares.

DenaMae I care
She is so denamae
wow that was a denamae
by RuffandTuff May 30, 2012

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