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Slipknot - The Band.

I was reading through the definitions people wrote, and 99% of them obvisoly know nothing about them. The proberly heard a few songs or saw a video for them and quickly went on the internet to cry about somthing that was diffrent!!

Slipknot is a 9 man band (all though there is no need for some of them) But the fact they are there they can put on some of the best live perfomance ever.

I read in one bit on this site that the drums suck, that shocked me alot, Joey is one on the top drummers in the metal scene. People say that they wear masks beacuse there are scared to show there face, wrong, they do it as again it is another great gimik to get them noticed and it looks good for a live show.

The guitaring in slipknot is great, James and Mick on guitar, and Paul on Bass, pull of some chunky and heavy songs. Then add all this with coreys vocals makes it one great band.

Now before you go 'waaa a fan boy wrote this' this style of music is not my fav, i prefer death metal or grindcore, but i also liten to all varites of music, from Bob Dylan to Cannibal Corpse.
Now I Wait And Bleed.
by RuffRat August 25, 2005

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