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An all - purpose South African word used to convey aggression, surprise, awe, and other interesting emotions
Aggression: I'm going to blixem (hit) you.
Questioning: Who the blixem stole my beer?
Awe: That girl is blixems pretty.
by Ruerzi November 13, 2011
Portion of female anatomy that causes a man to look intently at it.
The new teacher's bust was such an eye grabber that even the headmaster couldn't tear his eyes away.
by Ruerzi January 10, 2011
What happens when you cross a Vuvuzela (a noisy simple trumpet made of plastic used at football games in South Africa) with Julius Malema, the leader of the ANC Youth League, who is prone to making loud and idiotic accusations against people he disagrees with.
Polithtians all sound like a Vuvulema before the election, trying to convince the voters to vote for them by making wild accusations against the other parties.
by Ruerzi April 18, 2011
Someone who uses illness to avoid legal proceedings
The accused's trial was scheduled to begin today, but he was legally incapacitated and convenientally in hospital so it had to be postponed.
by Ruerzi October 11, 2011
In politics, the time, especially just before the election, when underliverable promises and wild accusations are the order of the day.
The Left Wing's accusation that the conservative candidate was buying votes is an example of the pre-election political silly season.
by Ruerzi May 13, 2011
During the run-up to an election, all manner of extravagant promises are made, and after the election nothing is done.
The ruling party won with a bullshit vote because nothing has improved since they've held power
by Ruerzi May 13, 2011
The feeling of panic you experience when you hit the Enter button and realise you've made a mistake in the tax form.
Even though I was certain all the figures were correct, I experienced a rush of e-panic when I submitted the form.
by Ruerzi July 10, 2011
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