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Exstreme abuse meant to humiliate and alienate
Police Officer "Can i search you?"
Liam Gallagher "Fuck off Cuntybollocks!!"
by rudi October 28, 2006
Absolutely fucked to the extreme
After that jonny fast pants session I was well fucked
by rudi October 29, 2006
A particularly nasty habit.This involves placing a cupped hand over the anal region while farting, then releasing the pungent stench over the victims nose.Can cause dizziness and nausea ,especially if victim is asleep and continues to nasally inhale.Amazingly not illegal at time of typing.
" Which bastard just cupfarted me? I was having a lovely dream about titwanking now i feel like retching , man someone is gonna get a right knacker cracker
by rudi November 03, 2006
Not neccesarily derogatory,a person who has an enviable amount of luck
That geezer from that porn film is a jacksy bastard!.He has got a masive todger,shags top notch totty allday and gets paid for it!! Jacksy Bastard!
by rudi October 29, 2006
slang for amphetamine sulphate or speed
Gotta get me some billywhizz then me gonna shag til the cows come home
by rudi October 29, 2006
Usually associated with knob in tits scenario,but can also mean wanking a womans tits off to orgasm,great to watch!
Tit wank love,i am having a great wank watching!
by rudi October 28, 2006
Muff is to lick pussy
Muff your best friend while i wank
by rudi October 28, 2006

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