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Noun: the toilet water splashing up against one's chafed taint after dropping an extremely large chocolate nugget into the bowl.
I often wondered if experiencing a Bart in an unsanitary public restroom could lead to a bloddy, pussy rash
by Rude Pooters January 08, 2009
Noun: the feeling of guilt one has after getting caught trying to ejaculate and have a bowel movement at the same time
After attempting another unsuccessful Heathering this morning, I couldn't look my co-workers in the eye due to my extreme Heather.
by Rude Pooters January 08, 2009
noun--a money hungry cunt who would rather be at the pub than at work.

Verb: double--fisting, massaging the taint while drinking cheap domestic beer on special.
Don't have any eye contact with that marisa at the end of the bar; she's likely to suck you dry and tell your boss you got coked up last night.

I dumped that bitch because after two solid days of her marisaing me I got tired of my one-inch cock smelling like natural light ice.
by Rude Pooters January 07, 2009

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