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Multiple Attractive Female Texting: Engaging in sms conversations with two or more attractive females.

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Often accompanied by numerical prefixes such as: Bi, Tri, Quad.

Tri/Quad-M.A.F.T.-ing can lead to intense confusion! Sometimes causing the male author to double check the intended contact before pressing send, to ensure they are replying to the intended A.F. Failing to do so can result in confusing responses and awkward, incriminating follow up questions.
I'm Tri-M.A.F.T.-ing right now with some hotties!

I Quad-M.A.F.T.-ed for 3 hours last night.

by Ruckus_626 August 24, 2011
Singular Attractive Female Texting: Engaging in sms conversation with only one attractive female at a time.
I'm S.A.F.T.-ing with Nicole right now.

See M.A.F.T.
by Ruckus_626 August 24, 2011
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