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grizzley adams had a beard. his name was used in the movie happy gilmore
yeah, and Grizzley Adams had a beard.

Grizzley Adams did have a beard...
by Ruben March 10, 2005
Cross between a moose and a retard, and typically thrown at less than stunning women with less than average mental capacities.
by Ruben June 07, 2003
A game played in english drinking institutions playing with fate by trying to get as close to having your head kicked in as you can, but escaping with your life.
Commonly engaged in by pikeys, schoolkids and students the game consists of two or more friends sitting across a bar/club and competing to say the word 'oi' to one another, each time louder than the last. The person who says it loudest, or gets beaten shitless/makes a miraculous esccape/gets kicked out first wins. Other words such as 'John' can be used to prolong the game and create additional confusion.

For reasons of public safety, dont play the game with the following words:
by Ruben June 09, 2003
A bloody dangerous game played by those that own a car and dont mind dying in it, and a some what amorous game engaged in at parties of ill-repute. Ramtag has led to much death and controversty over the years, most recently when confusion between a group of redneck hicks about which game was about to be played led to the hospitalisation of much of mississippi with grins on their faces.

ramtagger = derogotary name bringing sexual practice into dispute
'lets play ramtag'
'you ramtagger'
by Ruben June 07, 2003
An extreme wise, friendly, and all around cool guy who visits the massassi temple as well as the Massassi chat room. Heed his advice. He's bloody wise.

He is also secretly Kedri. Think about it... Kroko stands for krokodile : KRokoDIlE.
<Kroko> Why should theywomen please men? Why shouldn't men please them instead? Maybe men should be in the kitchen in thongs making sandwiches for their women.
by Ruben September 16, 2004
The term jawlusonnapartai derives from the afro-americanism "D'Y'all jus' wanna' par-tay?", which in term comes from "Do you all just want to party?", typically followed up by the response "fo shizzle ma niggle" yes it can be commonly be heard mixed in with the hard beats of gangstarap or after a party of youths have smoked their way through half of columbias' gross national export.
by Ruben June 09, 2003
Purposely murdering a cow and attempting to cornhole its asshole after it is deceased (dead).
My falik is so hard, its need to go Boofalani.
by Ruben March 15, 2005

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