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Small city in the state of Missouri, or as the natives call it "Misery". Fairly violent underground for a city of its small population. Known for two things, being the capital of Missouri, and being the home Jays. There is nothing to do but party with the local rednecks, or get high, or hang out with friends. There is no night life, and nothing for a minor to do. 90% of the native population are mall rats at some point in their life, or parking lot partiers. Many people make the 40 minute trip to Columbia (CoMo) to hang out on the weekends and be mall rats at a different mall. All in all "Jeff City" sucks ass.
Guy 1: "Dude, lets go to Jefferson City"
Guy 2: "Why the fuck would do that?!?!"
Guy 1: "That sexy ass kathryn girl lives there."
Guy 2: "She IS fine"
by Rubeio July 10, 2008

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