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An annual raging shit show to end all shit shows. For one weekend every year, wild party fiends from across the land travel to the mystical Ginnie Springs to celebrate and bask in the wonder and endless glory of Jason Staba. This celebration is characterized by party barges with floating liquor, beer, and other desired substances, ragetastic tents of doom, fire gods, vuvuzelas, glowstick magic, bongos, guitars, music of all kinds, jersey shore invasions, campsite rivalries, nakedness, and insatiable partying.
Stabastocktoberfestapalooza, OHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!
by RubbyDubbyGirl October 20, 2010
An infectious disease brought on by the all-powerful, often soul-consuming addiction to the dirty, raunchy, dark beats and heavy bass lines of dubstep.

Common symptoms of the dub bug include but are not limited to: bassface, involuntary head bobbing, the urge to take part in glowsticking and like pastimes, and of course, the despicable sensation of full-on frontal face meltage. If the condition persists, it may result in a permanent state of BASSFACE.
My face is all scrunched from the bassface, man... I got that dub bug.
by RubbyDubbyGirl October 20, 2010

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