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An abbreviation of 'Skinny Carrot Jeans'; Jeans which mimic the shape of a carrot, starting wide at the waist and getting thinner towards the feet.
'Hey dude, those Skinks look great on you!'

'Thanks. Regular jeans are so overrated!'
by Rubber Roddy October 17, 2011
n. A penis which has a very long, but skinny, thin shaft, with a huge bellend. And when I say skinny, thin shaft, I mean it. I mean, it has the Girth of a pencil.

It's kind of like a wrecking ball, but it's a dick.
Amy: Hey, Jess! How was that guy you nailed last night?

Jess: Eew. I don't wanna talk about it it. His penis... It was a cobbler! I coulda tied a DOUBLE knot in it!
by Rubber Roddy November 30, 2011

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