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A small vest/coat/jumper worn by a cat or a small dog, such as a maltese or shihtzu. It is slipped over the head and usually through the arm holes although some varieties include leg, and even tail holes. Sometimes these vests can be made of corduroy, but usually not - and more often either burberry, cotton, tartan/plaid or wool. However, they can even be made out of plastic or even spandex. A lot of rich people such as Paris Hilton like to dress their small almost-a-handbag-but-it's-living dogs (and possibly cats) in designer vests. Some are fitted with real diamonds or just diamantes and usually accompany a matching collar. Particular breeds of small dog need to wear vests because their natural hair or fur does not keep them warm enough due to the unnatural climates in which they live.
"Like woah! See Paris's ugly dog?"
"oh gross! Corduroy Cat vest!"
"Yeah, I know! It's not natural for Paris to be wearing dog clothes."
by Rubaiyati September 23, 2006
'Chill Will' or 'Chill Will Factor' is generally just an exclamation of the temperature being unusually cold or chilly. The word derived from cold making your 'bits' freeze, hence chill will.It can also be used to describe a flaccid penis or someone who is an idiot.
1. "Should have brought my jacket, man."
"Oh yeah, theres a bit of a chill will factor"
2. "Mike has a chill will"
"No wonder nobody wants to do him"
3. "Dave Chapelle is a bit of a chill will"
by Rubaiyati September 28, 2006

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